Thursday, August 16, 2012

4 best way to make backlinks more powerful

Sometimes, building links, you are only as good as your next link to enter. We are always looking for new links, more links and better connections. But if you think back over left, you left off, and if we really so much of them? The instinct of building links is usually plowed before, but sometimes a good idea to stop and smell the links. Take inventory of what you have and see if you can do more. Here are 5 ways to increase the value of their existing back links.

Change the links to the new domain name

In an interview with Eric Angel, Matt Coutts confirmed that there is a loss of page rank be when using a 301 Re-direct. This information does have every man is a "Twitter, because the revelations of this kind can affect the entire spectrum of search engine optimization. In principle, however, this means that 301 redirects, you should not be a perfect cure-all that is healthy again. With links which means that yes, you can always mean 301 from one domain to another or pass from one side to another, but you may lose some strength of their connections. Of course, the key words "MAY", and "some". However, link building, rather "do" words like "and all" as in "to spend these bonds their entire force." So this revelation, it is also an opportunity for the effects to increase the existing connections. Contact other sites link to your old domain and ask them to change the links to the new domain that you can ensure you receive all the love of your links and none will be lost in translation.

404 Re-Direct links

It is something that even Matt Coutts spent nearly two years. Find links to their pages and 404 to be redirected to a page in vivo. In the comments someone raises the question whether or not to use the 301 re-direct an equally effective means that the need to communicate with someone eliminated. Matt says he is a resource may be acceptable, but the result is "a really strange user experience for visitors." The latest news about the 301er provide an incentive to not take the easy way. Suck it, reach out and ask someone. Of course, it may take a little longer, but it is also an opportunity to build relationships. Most webmasters will be happy, indeed, grateful that he managed to help improve your site. Perhaps one can even link to another page in vivo, which is actually better for you than the original page, and then it is that people understand each other.

Get the ideal anchor text

In most cases, a link builder to take a free link to where and when we can. But that often means that he bite his tongue in the anchor text. That is, if you are a good way to get to the value of the determined set of anchor text to the web site owner can start again. This works especially well if you communicate with someone who already is a 404 or to register a new domain name plan ... to see how everything goes together? In addition, if a webmaster has near his words, you put the link anchor text and asked them to simply prolong the link, these words are usually harmless.
Internal Links

This method has no contact with anyone except your webmaster, and because you or someone you talk regularly, this is a very sweet. The first step is to find the strongest of the bases. If you have been actively connected with the formation of a page, or the promotion of any kind of bait-link start there. Or you can have a severe under-side of the SEOmoz tool used as follows only requires a free basic membership. You can make it a, that way, or you can download Fire Fox SeoQuake and run a SITE command. No matter which method you choose, the point is to identify pages with more links. Once you have isolated your best pages, add internal links to help on these pages, the strength of their connections with the back flow into other parts of your site. Select your anchor text wisely. Oh, and Word Link spamming their own sites, or unless, of course, took the machine whirlpool, after 2001.

There is no such thing as too many links and is perfectly adequate. However, the relentless pursuit of the links is as useful as the value of links that you receive. It is also more difficult to write truly effective links, so if you can double your impact; you double your pleasure, without duplicating the numbers ... seems to be logical.


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