Sunday, December 16, 2012

BASIC SEO - Forum posting part 2

Hi all hope all are well, Now I start writing the 2nd part of  basics seo techniques - forum posting tutorial.
We was clearly know now how to post on forum with signature, But it is a point
That after register if you not find any signature options the forum? Than don’t take any
Tension on your mind it’s simple, just read the privacy. Some forum forum allow signature and some forum not allow it. I so important that read all forum’s privacy carefully. You will see some forum allow signature after 3/4/5/6/…..10 post.

Here is a forum like this, here you will get the signature option after 10 post. And you will do the same as adsense forum.

When you post comment on forum, you should be don’t use any link with comment,
If you use any link then the forum moderator can ban you. Always comment about the post, don’t comment like “thanks, nice post etc.”  This comment detect as spam comment.
Practice on the new forum and avoid the spam ways, next part I will post a big list of
Do-follow forum site with page rank. learn seo and be a professional.


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