Monday, December 3, 2012

basic seo techniques to get good page rank

Way to get good page rank a basic seo techniques

You already know what is pagerank. If your site page rank is high than
google show your site on top of search then other low PR site, so page rank is
a most important thing for a site to do batter seo.

Here is step by step seo techniques to increase Pagerank

and Rank of your Site on search engine.

Update your blog/site regular:

Update your site regular for get a batter seo result and also batter page rank,
And up date on a fixed time. Fixed time means, If you like to update your site
at every 2 days then you must continue the rules. Or if you want to update your site
every day/ every week at night 9pm than do it regular. Don’t don’t brake the
rules. Because Google and other search engine love regular update at a same time.
So use this seo techniques to get good pr.

Create backlink:

 Make good quality back link regular but in a limit don’t create a big amount
Back link at a short time. I suggest you that make 5-8 back link every day.
Back link will increase your page rank and also bring you site on top of
Search engine if you have good content.

Post meaningful comment:

Comment on other blog, must be related blog and don’t post spam comment.
Try to post creative comment by seeing your comment visitor will com to see
Your profile and they will find your site and visit it if they get anything
Interesting on your comment. Visitor will help you to increase your Pgerank
Also it will a big way to earn money.

Now doing this regular and wait 3-6 month and see your PR


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