Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What is page rank of a site?

Page rank means the rank of a site on web and search engine.
Its depends on the content of site, back link, on page seo, off page seo,
Visitor etc. page rank is so important thing for a website, It
Maintain your site value and the worth.© seoguide24.blogspot.com)

Google page rank depend on your unique content, traffic and
Back link. If your site have a lot of traffic, unique content, and
Back link then you will get a good rank on Google. Good
Google rank means your site most important on Google.
© seoguide24.blogspot.com)
Google page rank is 1 to 10, Google PR(short from or page rank) 1 mean
Low rank of your site on google. 7,8,9,10 google PR mean your
Site with top positions sites on Google.© seoguide24.blogspot.com)

If you can put your site link on good page prank’s site or blog
Than Google will see your site as important, it’s named
Link building. But cant post your link by spamming its will not good
For your site and google will see your site as unless so you will
Detect as bad on Google so be careful.
© seoguide24.blogspot.com)
Don’t use any black hat method to get page rank, black hat seo
Is so bad for your site. So always love white hat. I mean use legal
Way to get page rank.© seoguide24.blogspot.com)


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