Saturday, July 28, 2012

seo introduction and seo basic task, learn seo easy.

SEO, short meaning of searchengine optimization it’s the important part
of a website to get a good place on search engine. All website made for supply
help and content etc, you made a website for supplying your content, help and
creativity think to other. It is best place to for shearing some thing to other also.
But make site with much content and anyone don’t know about your site! Or
We made site for earning by providing our owned content to other, but if
Anyone don’t to our site then what is the result of our work?
We made it for other but other doesn’t know about it.

In the web world all visitor search on any search engine to find there expected
Content. SEO is the way to show your content to visitor by search engine.
So it is important for all webmaster and site owner to know about seo basics

Ex: your site about science and technology now if anyone want to know
About science or technology and he/she search on Google or any other search
Engine then the search engine will show some site about science or technology
as result. If your site shows on 1st page than think how much visitor you will
get daily.

Think, in Google million visitor search a keyword everyday if your keyword
If your website show on 1st page of Google for a good keyword than you will
Get million visitor.
SEO is the way to get a good position on search engine. If you get much visitor
You will earn much money, so we can say SEO is the way to earn money by
Website also.

The blog created for provide all about seo basics and you will know what is seo
If you stay with seoguide24. We will provide you a complete seo guide.

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