Tuesday, July 31, 2012

how to check page rank of your site

Previous Post was about what is page rank?
You was know what is page rank and some thing about seo basics on page
And what is seo also know little about how to get good page rank.
We already know the value of page rank and how the page rank
Affect on your website and blog. The blog about seo help, white hat seo
Etc, you will know about all verry soon.
Come to the point how to check page rank of a website or how to
Know a websites page rank.

In the web for checking page rank  prchecker.­info  is the best tools.
you can know your site pr and ther site pr by the tools. So start...
First go to prchecker.­info  and you will see a text box with "http://"
now write your site name on the box after "http://facebook.com".
Ex we will check facebook.com pr so write like   "http://facebook.com"    
and now click on check pr than we want to write Anti-bot code on the box
and click on Verify now and it will show Facebook's pr how much out of 10.
so like that you can try your site and other site.

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