Thursday, December 13, 2012

Basic seo tutorial part-1 : forum posting.

Hi, how are you all now I start a regular basics seo tutorial, I will try to show
All seo techniques to part by part so you want to read by post regular
if you want to learn seo.

Today tutorial about how do forum posting. You already know how much
Demand of a forum post back link.  So tells start.

First you want to go to a forum, Example:
Open a new account there, conform your Email and login into it.
You will see a page like this.
post on forum for promote your blog and site and get back link an basics seo.
forum posting
There you will see much topic, now you want to search the “Introduction” topic and
Click on it.
Now as a newbie you “Start New Topic” on introduction.

Introduction topic

As a new bie on this forum write some thing, or share some thing as you like and submit this and it’s a forum posting!

text box to write a new topic for make forum post
forum post for newbie

Start like this now if you want to know about some thing ask in the forum and if
You know some thing and you want to share so post there.
Now come to the main point, by forum posting how can we adv or promote
Our blog and website?

Yes, for do this go to your profiles setting

adsense forum user tab
profiles tab

From there click on “Signature” link.

profiles setting page
profiles setting page of forum

You will see a page like this.

text box to write signature link
forum signature tab

Now in the box write your blog/site tittle. Ex. Your site tittle “basics seo techniques”
Now press ctrl+a or bloc the tittle text of your blog.

forum signature text to link

And click on link icon from toolbar. You will see like this.

set link as forum signature
forum posting signature link set

Here give your blog/site url and press ok now click on save changes.
Now blog/site will atomically visible under your post on the forum it your blog/site’s

signature link with forum comment
forum posting : seo techniques

 Yes you r finished a forum posting! If you have any problem you can comment here
I will try to give you solutions. Also you can   join our facebook page


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  3. "Basic seo tutorial part-1" is very important tutorial for forum posting. I also want to see part-2.Thanks

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    1. yes, it is very basic tutorial for mere detail you should visit more websites

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