Tuesday, August 14, 2012

how to set meta keywords and description on blogger a basics seo techniques

If you are a webmaster or the site creator, you must ensure that the contents of the site reaches its target audience. One way is to assign the correct title tags and meta descriptions and keywords for your web pages. Description meta tags also improve
His website quality basic SEO search engine optimization. This is the section on page SEO, you know, what SEO is today, how to configure word to complement your Blogger blog.
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While Blogger is a Google-hosted blogs on Blogger no support for meta descriptions and keywords default. If you already tried, or add keywords
Meta tags describe your blod blogger / website, you can see that there is no easy way, the couple have added keyword. The task is to make changes to your Blogger template, a description and meta keywords of your choice on the first page of the bloggers and their messages can add.© seoguide24.blogspot.com)

Click on the model Full download and save a backup copy of your model from the backup option / reboot. This is useful to reverse the changes if the changes do not work as expected.
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Edit in the panel discussion on the model of your Blogger blog, click on HTML.

Locate the following code in the model


Add the following code immediately after <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title>

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Replace the  Description of the word here with a description of the first blog page.

Replace separate the word  here your keywords of your blog with a list of keywords with a comma, according to the first blog page.

In day-partner is the most important part of SEO on page. Keep up with SEO-Guide 24, and further help SEO.
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