Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How to get backlink from forum site a basics seo

Back link is most important for seo and you will mast do it with on page seo, and it will also increase your PR.©
Back link building is the part of off page seo.
Forum site is the most popular way to get back link for your site,
At all for do-follow back link forum site is the best way.
You can get back link from site by post, comment, and signature. If you was use
Forum site before, you know batter.
For back link is most important things do follow  back link, That in forum site always as build up and here is the facilities. Because no followed back link have
Not any value.©

So come to know how to make back ink on forum site as professional back link builder
In that you want to make back link first register there. As example I will show you how t make back link in forum.
First go to the forum and click on Register, now you want to agree with
The forum rules and click on Register.©

Now fill up all the blank and verify your email.

Profile setting

After register most important is profiles setting, always mind it you never using forum for spamming.
Always work with white hat seo, because its important for your site or blog.
Go to your profiles page and find Home Page URL option there give your site home url.
Signature setting

For back link it is your most important work. For setting signature go to Edit Signature
From your control panel. Now from here select keyword for your site. Now set your site url©
By hyperlink set your back link.

Now click on save change.
Now when you post or comment on the forum your site link will show with your post
And comment. 


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