Monday, August 13, 2012

how to get back link by blog comment + quality traffic

Written comments and forum posts are probably the best ways to get backlinks and drive traffic to your website for free. Many people use a blog to comment on daily market their websites and to improve the off page SEO. You Buil back links to your blogs and websites. Blog comments really drives quality traffic to your website is good for the basics of search engine optimization. But you should pay special attention to the traffic. There may be more valuable to the publication of blog comments in regard to the links to your website for traffic to get there. It is a great way to increase your Page Rank. The number and quality of links that connect to your site are an important aspect in determining search engine results pages. The more comments you write, the more traffic and Page Rank have. If your site is indexed by Google, it will help Google index faster. ©
You can also work to build a professional relationship deserve.

How do you comment on the blog effectively? The most important thing to remember when leaving comments is to put a link to your website in the "website" field in the form of comments. I think we all know this and that. There are some helpful tips when posting comments on a blog. Easy to read below. We invite you to submit your method a better result in the comment to get the release. Other people here and I'll be very glad to hear it.

Value always make comments. This is the value you and your website also. People will visit your site to see who you are and what you do. Not only allows something like this "great contribution", "Good job,'' 'This is a very interesting article is", "good job, thank you" or something similar. Nobody likes this kind of comment with a link. Can be placed in the spam list.
You should try to comment on popular blogs with high traffic and high page ranks. You can probably get some traffic may also be higher rank of your site and blog. Comments on blogs that have the same niche with your site, it is better. You have the opportunity for more people to your site.

You should try in the position of his comment. Try the first person commented, be given more attention. People can at the link, if you have a good comment. If you can not get the note can be up to respond to comments at the top, so it will appear at the top.

Do not post links in the content of the comments, or be approved by the blog author. And if you have a link or a search term such as have names, the possibility of passage fall dramatically. There are many blog owners who are in there every comment with a link, or deny anything else, a keyword used in place of a name.

Add comments to blogs with "Top Commentator" list. You can be one of the best if you have accepted a lot of comments. The blog owner likes and you might be a good connection with him.

If possible, try not to follow any responses to work. Google really likes this comment.
The publication of blog comments is an effective and free to get traffic to your site. This is a large park in SEO. Help you increase your page rank website. Blog comment also supports the creation of a good friendship with the owners of the blog. Good comments can get their attention, it will be easy to allow.


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