Monday, September 17, 2012

what is link wheel, how does it work

Hi, today I tell you a seo basice part named link wheel.
what is link wheel?
Link wheel is the way to make anchor text link for web site. It is a seo techniques to improving keyword rank on search engine. The main target of link wheel is following other site from your site or follows your site from other site. Is a part of basics seo but link.

How to?
Example you make a video tutorial, now you want a video share web site like . Now when you share the video on youtube this time they give you chance a to write some description about the video at the time you can give your site link on the description as anchor text. So it will a backlink for your site or blog.
We already know that backlink is how much important for a website. And we also know backlink can give us free visitor but all quality visitor.

If your site have much backlink with anchor text keyword than it can hely your site by improving keyword rank on Google. So that’s mean your keyword at good place on google and other search engine so you will get more visitor and its mean more money.

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